Many of our gifts are suitable for Custom Engraving complimented with optional Gift Wrapping. Engraved & shipped the same day, gift delivery takes 3 – 5 days.

David Hendley

David Hendley
CEO / Founder

The creative driver of TheOnlineGiftsCompany, David has a passion for all things design. Hailing from Co. Wicklow, David aims to deliver exceptional products and service to his home country.

Kate Gilliland

Kate Gilliland
Shop Curator

Kate works closely with the whole team ensuring work is displayed beautifully as well as organising commission work.

Jojo Herriotts

Jojo Herriotts
Retail Jedi

Jewellery maker with a unique knowledge of local makers & jewellery quarter heritage. The ideal person to guide you to make great jewellery & gift choices.

Pippa Leaver
Customer Support

Need information? The chances are Pippa will reply. Friendly & knowledgeable Pippa knows the ins & outs of the designs, designers and more – so ask away.

Josey Lewis
Right Hand Woman

Directing on-line orders and ensuring our digital customers are delighted with the products and service.

Scott Shellis
Digtial Guy

Uploading digital content to our allied web businesses. Scott is ensuring we are growing on a global level.